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F.A.T Products, or Fitness Answered Training Products, is all about the anti-gym revolution. As a personal trainer with a major gym in the United States, I saw how tremendously expensive that it was for my trainees to find success. 

Furthermore, they were having to pay the gym upwards of $50 per session, and that was just for a half hour. I had to make a decision. This decision was to leave the gym and try to find a better way for people to find success in Health & Fitness. 

I started Online Personal Training. There was an issue with this though, while I could provide A+ content, it would not matter if the members didn't have a good arsenal of equipment to use while training. So, FAT Products was created so that they buy affordable home gym equipment to gain the body and health that each so deservingly wanted. 

Lets fight fat together and get FIT with FAT PRODUCTS!